Braces through the ages

400-300 BCE Braces have been around for nearly as long as crooked teeth and date as far back as 400-300 BCE. Understandably, these appliances were a far cry from modern braces. Archaeologists have found mummified individuals sporting crude


Lingual braces or clear aligners?

With more and more adults turning to orthodontic treatment for the perfect smile, weve seen a growing demand for less conspicuous braces. Metal train tracks are no longer the only route to a straight smile, and image-conscious adults can no


What are lingual braces?

eBrace is a type of lingual brace a fixed brace that fits to the lingual or buccal (tongue side) of your teeth. They are arguably the most discreet way to straighten crooked teeth because the entire brace is hidden, making it virtually unde


Questions to ask your orthodontist

If youre thinking about straightening your teeth, you may have found that the web is full of helpful information from both clinicians and patients. However, while this is all very useful, it cant compete with sitting down face-to-face with